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166 components for Figma and Sketch
UICraft icon examplename: link-1
UICraft icon example
// React usage
import Icon from "./components/uicraft-icons"
<Icon name="link-1 "size="256" />
<Icon name="link-1 "size="128" color="DeepPink" />
<Icon name="link-1 "size="64" />
<Icon name="link-1 "size="40" color="#228BE6" />
<Icon name="link-1 "size="32" />
<Icon name="link-1 "size="24" />
166+ Icons

Growing with time

We commit to add new icons to the pack regularly, and you get all the latest updates for a year.

Digital first

Designed for digital

UICraft Icons are designed from scratch for digital products, apps and websites, not bags, print, or other mediums. No compromises.


The right balance

The aimed to strike the right balance between funky and serious, abstract and literal, startup and enterprise.


Works at any size

Icons scale up and down to any size without losing legibility, meaning or quality.

Design components

Figma, Sketch

Figma and Sketch components, editable paths + rasterised version for each icon.

Code components

React, Vue, Angular

Optimised icon component ready to use in less than a minute. Download—copy in your app—import component—done.

Complete control

You are in control

We don't do any updates automatically. You will receive all the future updates by email, you pick and choose what you need.


Easy to manage

Each icon has a unique name in the design library and code components, making it easy to manage and collaborate.


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The pack includes:

  • Figma and Sketch editable, and flattened icons
  • Figma and Sketch components
  • 166 individual SVG & transparent PNG files
  • React, Vue & Angular icon components
  • One optimised JSON file for all icons
  • Free updates for a year
Buy icon pack – $9.99
Last updated: 27th Apr 2021 – Changelog


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